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Genre Interactive PhotoBook
Language English / Japanese
Size 1010 MB
Price 3.99 USD
Requirements iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
PressKit English日本語

What's New

  • iPad ver. On Sale!!
  • iPhone ver. On Sale!!
  • Fixed the character's version name.
  • Added new function "INDEX-SEARCH".
  • Fixed display problems for New iPad .

Distributing the cosplay culture of Japan to the world!!!
“Cosplay Showcase” is an interactive photo book application which enables the audience to view real-life cosplay artists in a showcase that fully rotates horizontally.

Nobutsugu Sugiyama, a photographer active in the fashion and advertising field, has taken the photographs of each model from eight directions. By using CG technology, the audience can enjoy the images of the cosplayers from various directions. The models appearing in this application are real cosplayers playing active roles in many cosplay events. The cosplayers acting out each character with their handmade costumes and gadgets, are of great value.

Main features :

Cosplay photos often have a sexual bias. Photographer Nobutsugu Sugiyama has endeavoured to remove this bias and elevated Cosplay to a form of artistic and creative expression by the use of high-end photo-editing techniques. Conventional methods of shooting a model usually demand expressing their individual natures. However,Sugiyama has removed this individual interiority and focused on just the outline of the character. Resembling an anime-figurine,cosplayers are perfectly placed in a virtual showcase in this application.

“Cosplay Showcase” is designed, produced and sold by Photographer Nobutsugu Sugiyama.